Temecula Wedding Videographer

Temecula wine country is now one of the hottest destinations in all of Southern California for weddings. With breathtaking vineyard views, rustic wedding venues, and of course endless bottles of vino, it is easy to see why couples choose to get married in Temecula. Once the venue has been booked, the dress has been found, and the wedding date has been saved, the next big decision a couple needs to make is booking a Temecula wedding videographer. Here are some things a bride and groom need to consider when looking for wedding videography in Temecula, CA.

Best Temecula Wedding Videographer

There are a number of talented artists in Southern California but when it comes to finding the best wedding videography in Temecula the film studio with the best reviews for video is Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios. With a team of 7 wedding videographers in Temecula, Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios has documented hundreds of intimate weddings in wine country, including many celebrity weddings. Each wedding film created by Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios is captured in a similar photojournalistic and romantic fashion and edited by the same professional post-processing team to keep a clean, consistent, and timeless style. However, one of the reasons why Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios continues to be the wedding videography choice of brides and grooms getting married in Temecula is because of the many affordable film packages! With Temecula wedding videography packages starting at $2,700, Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios can meet the needs of any couple asking themselves, “How do you keep the cost down for a wedding?

Want to learn more about Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios and the timeless wedding videography and wedding photography packages offered? Then contact them directly at hello@ryanhorban.com for more information! Or check out his Temecula film packages below:

Temecula Wedding Videographer PricingTemecula Wedding Videographer PricingTemecula Wedding Videographer PricingTemecula Wedding Videographer Pricing

Temecula Wedding Venues

Temecula is home to a high density of wedding venues from outdoor wedding venues with a view to small wedding venues in Temecula. In fact, there are now over 80 wineries in the Southern California city, many of which offer their venues to anyone planning a wedding. Therefore, finding the right venue is important, and having a Temecula wedding videographer who has had experience working in that location is also critical. Below are the top 10 wedding venues in Temecula, CA, all of which the team of professional filmmakers at Rock This Moment Studios has worked at many times.

Top 10 Wedding Venues In Temecula, CA

  1. Europa Village 
  2. Ponte Winery 
  3. Galway Downs
  4. Aviation Vineyards
  5. Lake Oak Meadows 
  6. Secluded Garden Estates 
  7. South Coast Winery 
  8. Callaway Vineyard & Winery
  9. Mount Palomar Winery
  10. Falkner Winery

Wedding Videographers in Temecula, California

Where can I find an affordable wedding photographer?

Finding an affordable wedding videographer is something every bride and groom getting married in Temecula would like to do, but value and price are two totally different things. Couples on a tight budget should be looking more at value than simply price when looking at different wedding video packages. For example, if a couple only has $2,000 to invest in a Temecula wedding videographer they should consider smaller video packages with fewer hours of coverage rather than going with someone offering full day coverage but who has little experience documenting Temecula weddings. Choosing a film studio that has experience working at the best Temecula wedding venues, a collective of professional videographers, and can document the most important moments of a wedding in a timeless fashion is important. Therefore, if a couple has a limited budget for a Temecula wedding videographer they should strongly consider a video package that is for ceremony only coverage so at least the wedding vows, walk down the aisle, and the announcement of husband and wife is documented forever.

Temecula wedding videographers CineStory Studios truly believe the artistry of video blends seamlessly with photography, telling a unique story through the use of audio and movement that still imagery simply cannot. With a number of affordable videography collections that start at $2,700 for ceremony only coverage to complete wedding day video coverage, Ryan Horban’s CineStory Studios has an option available for every bride and groom.