Corder & Ebony

Whenever our friend Erin, a Long Beach area wedding photographer, sends us over an engagement or wedding we know it is going to be filled with laughter and warmth. Needless to say, Corder and Ebony’s engagement photos in Temecula had all of that plus a rad vintage blue Vespa! But we won’t waste any more of your time with the play-by-play of the this engagement session and will instead let you check out the photos! We will also let Ebony share her and Corder’s love story! Enjoy!

Our first encounter with each other came when we both attended a dinner party for a mutual friend. Corder (my now husband) and I never met before that night, but were seated with one person in between us. This was close enough for us to catch each other’s eye and strike up conversation with one another. As the dinner carried on Corder and I were engaged in deep conversation, talking over the person in between us (as we look back on this evening we realized that we were being incredibly rude). As the evening carried on we moved from seated dinner to cocktails. During cocktails we had the opportunity to talk more about life and each other. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers and our relationship continued to grow organically. Now here we are 5 1/2 years later, and we still have no recollection of who was seated in between us the night that we met!

The only recommendation that I can make is find a photographer who you feel comfortable with. A lot of people get nervous when they are in front of the camera. Being able to let loose and just have fun with my husband was the best part of the engagement session, and hiring a photographer that made us feel comfortable allowed us to have that relaxed fun!

When we were discussing locations for the shoot we really had no clue where we wanted our engagement session. We told our amazing photographer Erin that we were planning on having a rustic outdoor wedding, and wanted our engagement session to resemble that theme. We also wanted to incorporate my husbands vintage Vespa in the shoot. She chose a location that meshed wonderfully with our vision of of future wedding.

Ebony’s Advice On Wedding Planning

Remember the wedding is about you and the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Do not try to make other happy at the expense of possibly making your partner upset.

Thank you to Erin Muller of Lovisa Photo for sharing this Temecula engagement session with us! If you want to check out more of her photography work in Temecula check out this ranch inspired engagement session she captured! Erin also documents weddings all throughout Southern California so check out her Lovisa Photo wedding blog for even more awesome photos!