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Temecula Wedding Flowers

Temecula wedding flowers

Temecula Wedding Florist

Temecula Floral Advice From Tre Fiori Floral Studio

Temecula is home to many talented wedding artists that include photographers, event planners and everything in between. This is important considering Temecula wine country is now one of the top destinations in all of California for weddings. With the majestic vines, colorful sunsets, and delicious wines it is easy to see why the Southern California region is a top choice among brides! However, as perfect as Temecula is for weddings the area does present some unique challenges that include things such as triple digit temperatures in the Summer. And those warm temperatures (sometimes unbearably hot) can make planning a Temecula wedding difficult without the right vendors who know the area. This is why we are excited Lisa from Tre Fiori Floral Studio, a popular wedding florist in Temecula, was kind enough to share some floral design tips for brides planning a wedding in Temecula!

Temecula Wedding Florists

Temecula Wedding Flowers

About Tre Fiori Floral Studio

I started my business in 2014 after being laid off from a big box company. I was terrified about how I was going to provide for my 3 daughters and after a lot of tears and a lot more wine, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business. I had previous floral experience and really missed it. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve never looked back!

Color Schemes

Any color scheme can work in wine country! The big trend lately has been blush and ivory and greenery. But, I think it’s time to make it a thing of the past! It’s so much fun to design with color and to let florals bring that color to your wedding. There are literally SO MANY gorgeous varieties to choose from. Plus, it’s a constant scramble to get blush and white because they are in very popular demand! Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with color, brides (and grooms!) One of the best Temecula weddings I ever designed was for a bride who gave me complete creative freedom. She said her palette was dark navy and she wanted the florals to bring all the color. It turned out beautifully, and the bride was beyond happy with hoe it turned out!

Helping Your Temecula Floral Designer

To make my job easier, a bride can know what she wants as far as florals go. I love to help with the creative process when we sit down for a consult, but it’s so helpful if she at least has an idea or her style and vision. After that, it’s best to close the book on the designs we chose. If a bride continues to look at Pinterest and other inspiration, it becomes difficult to execute the plan. Of course little tweaks here and there are always welcome, but changing too much becomes a challenge to keep up with as it gets closer to the wedding.

Do You Prefer To Work Closely With Brides Or Be Given Artistic Freedom With Floral Designs?

I think there should be a balance. I definitely want the bride’s input on the style and shape she likes for her Temecula wedding flowers, but then it is also nice to be given the reigns after that so I can put my creative twist on it while executing her vision.

Investing In Temecula Wedding Flowers

A good floral investment is about $2500-$3000. Of course this depends on the number of bridesmaids and centerpieces, which make up the bulk of a floral bill, and can definitely vary up or down. In my biased florist opinion (Haha!), I really feel that florals enhance all aspects of a Temecula wedding. Some sort of floral is in almost every photograph, so it is wise to invest in a floral designer who will ensure all those florals look great in the wedding images. This is not to say that you have to go crazy over-the-top with florals but finding just the right touch of florals that works well with your style, venue and wallet is what makes a good investment.

Best Flowers For Temecula Wedding

There are several flowers that do not hold up well in the crazy Temecula heat unfortunately. It is lovely to have outdoor weddings and receptions in gorgeous wine country, but we forget how much we’re asking of these gorgeous blooms to stay looking pretty in that hot sun. At Tre Fiori, we condition and process all flowers properly once we purchase them at the flower mart. They are defoliated and recut and placed in flower food in a professional floral cooler for at least 24 hours before they are even used to start designing. It is a process for sure. They don’t just “wake up like that!” And in delivering finished arrangements to a wedding, they are all either directly in a water source or hydrated by hydration spray. We also spray them a few times once they are placed up on an arch for a ceremony. However, it is always a risk to use sensitive flowers like hydrangea or dahlia. They do not like the sun, but your floral designer should know when and where it’s appropriate to use them, and he or she should also be able to offer viable alternatives if necessary. One more thing to consider is the time you are requesting your floral designer to deliver. I know that florals are needed early for things like detail shots and first looks, but if a florist arrives too early to the venue, there is either a lot of downtime, or unnecessary time that your florals are sitting out in the sun, waiting for the wedding to start.

The Perfect Wedding Client

My ideal client is just a rad couple who is excited about getting married. One of the things I love most about being a floral designer is all the cool couples I get to meet. A couple who has a vision, but then gives me the freedom to execute that vision is an awesome couple to work with. The ultimate goal is to get married and start your lives together. Invest some time in finding amazing vendors, but then turn over the reigns to them and trust them to do the job you hired them for.

Temecula Wedding Florists

Temecula Wedding Floral Trends

Current trends I really love are the geo shapes, mixed metals, and asymmetrical designs. I love the hexagon or circle-shaped arches and I’m obsessed with bouquets that are oblong and funky in shape. A lovely Butterfly Ranunculus or a Chocolate Cosmo (which really smells like chocolate, by the way!) sticking out from a bouquet or arrangement off to the side, making a statement all on its own, is my jam.

Temecula Wedding Florists

Something most people don’t know about Temecula wedding florists is probably that we work damn hard! It is not about playing with flowers all day. There is a lot of BTS work in meeting with the clients, several emails back and forth, coming up with a design, writing floral recipes for each and every piece I make, calculating totals and ordering the flowers, driving to the flower market early in the morning to buy them all a few days before the Temecula wedding, processing them, cleaning buckets and vases, having several thorns constantly embedded into your hands at all times, staying up working LATE designing the night before a wedding, being a packing wizard trying to fit everything into the vehicle for delivery, almost never eating on wedding day, working in the sun for hours doing the setup, going back a few hours later to pick it all up and doing the tear-down, etc. HOWEVER, with all that being said, I absolutely LOVE my job. I LOVE walking into a bridal suite and having all the girls squeal at the site of the bouquets. I love making a bride’s dream come true as she sees her floral vision come to life. I love seeing the LOVE people have for one another and it is an absolute honor to be chosen to participate in that very special day for them. Being a Temecula wedding florist is the hardest, but most rewarding job I have ever had.

Recreating Floral Designs From A Photo

I can almost always recreate a bouquet that a bride has shown me a picture of, however I choose not to. I feel we are all designers and should create our own art. I will definitely use an image for inspiration, but I will ALWAYS put my own twist on it to make it unique.

One last thing I would like to say is to advise brides not to be afraid of texture, and again, color. There are literally millions of varieties of flowers. So many gorgeous blooms. Choose a floral designer who is familiar with several and who will help you choose some of those unique beauties to enhance your perfect day. Also, choose a floral designer early in the process of wedding planning. We get booked up quickly and it breaks my heart that I can’t say yes to every bride.

Thank you to Lisa from Tre Fiori Floral Studio for sharing her expertise with us! Anyone interested getting more Temecula floral inspiration can visit her website or find her on Instagram!

All Temecula wedding photos were courtesy of Inner Song Photography