Kate & Alex’s Temecula Engagement

One of the great things about social media platforms such as Instagram is it connects you to so many creative people, especially in the wedding industry! One awesome couple Instagram connected us with was a really amazing husband and wife photography duo called Adventure Stories By Us. The first thing that caught our attention of Adventure Stories By Us was that the style looked very different from other photography work we’ve seen with Temecula weddings and engagement sessions. The de-saturated greens and earth tones really gave their work a unique style, and the photos themselves were very candid (which happens to be something we personally love to see!). So we are so thankful that when we connected with them on social media that they offered to share a recent engagement session they captured with a couple named Kate+Alex. Below are some of the images from that outdoor engagement session and commentary by the talented wedding artists themselves: Megan + Vishnu of Adventure Stories By Us!

Adventure Stories By Us

Photography In Temecula

We’ve had a couple photography sessions in the Temecula area before this outdoor engagement shoot, but this was the first time we discovered how diverse Temecula really was! The city is known for its gorgeous wine country with rows and rows of luscious grape vines, but it’s easy to forget that there are so many other natural features that are a photographer’s dream come true. From rolling hills to stunning venues, the shooting locations are endless. In fact, our favorite aspect of shooting at the location we chose was it gave us the opportunity to capture the stunning light in the meadow just before sunset. We also loved the engagement location because just a quick ten-minute drive down the road, we found spectacular views of the Temecula Valley overlooking the mountains during blue hour.

Adventure Stories By Us

Inspiration For The Engagement Shoot

Kate + Alex met in Tennessee, so we loved this particular location because we totally got the Southern feels from the golden brush meadow and oak trees. We didn’t know what they were going to wear until they showed up for the shoot, but Kate + Alex came dressed to the nines with Kate wearing a long blue skirt that reminded us of a scene straight from the Notebook – so perfect! The couple met in college in Tennessee and hit it off right away! They were such a blast to work with right from the start.

Adventure Stories By Us

Capturing Candid Moments

Kate + Alex were a little nervous at first, but we thought they were complete naturals during the outdoor engagement session. We try to make our photo sessions fun and casual by playing some silly games that result in some awesome candid photos. We tell people that the weirder something feels, the better it looks behind the lens so don’t be afraid to act silly and have a good time. Because of their willingness to just let go and have a good time, we were able to capture sweet, intimate moments happening between them. We wouldn’t change a thing about this engagement session because we had a blast hanging out with Kate + Alex creating memories. We are stoked with how they turned out and are honored that we were a part of something that they will be able to cherish forever.

About The Photographers

Adventure Stories By Us Photography

We’re Megan + Vishnu a husband and wife photo duo with a passion for adventure and love. Megan grew up in the Temecula area but moved up to Portland for work at the time. We met at a local brewery and quickly realized our love of IPA’s and the outdoors made us the perfect match for each other. My background is in landscape photography, and three years ago we decided to turn our passion for exploration into something more and kick-started Adventure Stories By Us. A couple of years ago, we moved back to Temecula with a creative vision and haven’t looked back since! Since we are adventurers at heart, we approach weddings from a photo-journalistic perspective, never losing sight of the location and how we can incorporate it into our photos. There is no trail too long, or mountain too high, we will explore anywhere in the world for love.

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