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Mansion Wedding In Temecula Wine Country

Most people planning a destination wedding in Temecula probably first start looking into venues out in wine country, and that is a really great place to start! However, what many people outside of Temecula may not know is that the “Napa of Southern California” also has many other unique locations perfect for hosting a intimate wedding. One of those awesome locations is a private estate/mansion located out in Temecula wine country which recently was the backdrop for a Ryan and Jeanine’s cozy wedding. The wedding details were perfect, the bride+groom looked fantastic and that checkered floor at the wedding ceremony was freaking awesome. But we won’t take up any more of your precious time talking about Ryan and Jeanine’s Temecula wedding when you can view the photos below that were flawlessly captured by Uriel Photography! We will let her tell you more about this lovely couple and the wedding day now!

Uriel Photography

Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography

The Bride & Groom

Jeanine and Ryan were absolutely MADE FOR EACH OTHER! They are both engineers: Ryan designs Rockets and Jeanine designs children toys. They are both adventurous and love to travel but have demanding jobs that require them to stay close to home in Los Angeles. The couple found me through Instagram which is where most potential clients come from. And truly this is a hug compliment considering there are thousands of wedding photographers on Instagram and they choose ME. As soon as Jeanine found me on social media she told Ryan to seal the deal. He contacted me and booked right away!

Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography

Getting The Bride & Groom Comfortable

Ryan and Jeanine had never been in front of the camera before their engagement session. In fact, they thought it would be an awkward experience but felt it needed to be done. Engagement sessions are such an important part of the wedding process. We laugh a lot, sometimes drink, and dance like bafoons! When I act like a fool my brides/grooms tend to have no problem coming out of their comfort zone. When the wedding day comes they have already done the hardest part and they trust that I will capture them in the best way because we have established that friendship. They can focus more on their wedding and less on if they look okay on their wedding day.

Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography

Favorite Moment From The Temecula Wedding

My favorite moment from this Temecula wedding was when Ryan danced with his mother which had a hard time getting around. She was able to enjoy the wedding from afar for most of the day but this special moment was her time to really be fully emerged in her son’s wedding. There were lots of tears and full hearts.

This whole wedding was basically all DIY, the flowers were made by the brides mother, the dress was from a small boutique in Los Angeles, and the DJ was the bride and groom, they hand selected each song for a 4 hour period so they would love every song that was played. These two could not have had a more perfect wedding! They had a beautiful location, with the people that matter the most. They also didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen which I thought was awesome because it took off so much stress because they only had to worry about themselves and each other.

Uriel Photography Uriel Photography Uriel Photography

Was This Your First Wedding In Temecula

The vineyards are the main reason people come to Temecula (and of course those fermented grapes), but another reason couples choose to get married in Temecula is because of the private estates like this wedding venue. This was my first time shooting at this specific venue, but I shoot in Temecula often. My favorite part about this Temecula wedding venue was the fact that you could have your out-of-town guests stay at the private mansion. Even though this wedding venue/private estate was huge it really was designed for intimate weddings. There were about 45 guests which was more than enough for the ceremony and reception site.

Uriel Photography Uriel Photography

About The Temecula Wedding Photographer

Rachael of Uriel Photography

I have been a full time wedding photographer for the last 2 years, and before that I refused to do weddings because everyone told me they were the scariest thing to photograph. However, the first wedding I shot I absolutely fell in love with the style of shooting. I couldn’t get enough of the thrill of all the emotion, the dancing, and the beauty that comes out of one day after months and months of planning. My mom was a photographer and I grew up modeling for her classes and workshops she would teach. I became her editor after hours and hours of YouTube tutorials before I even picked up a camera. The moment I got a camera in my hand I have not stopped learning more and more about photography. I am constantly educating myself and traveling the world to get more education from other photographers. You could say I am addicted to education because there is always more to learn! This year I have been pushing destination weddings, my dream is to travel the world photographing weddings and teaching workshops. I would love to travel every country before I turn 30.