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Temecula Creek Stone House Wedding

Abbie and Evan met on the couch at a mutual friend’s house. They talked the whole time while a game was on in the background. Evan tried to get Abbie’s number, but his friend was pursuing her too so UH-OH! Believe it or not, 5 weeks later Abbie and Evan ran into each other in the lobby of a hotel on Christmas Eve at a Jewish single’s event. This time they were able to exchange numbers, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Jewish Wedding Temecula

Evan proposed on our 3 year anniversary at the Huntington Library and Gardens. Though I was expecting that we would be engaged at some point that year, the day it happened was a total surprise and was FULL of surprises. There was even a hidden photographer in the bushes at the gardens. We celebrated at dinner with both of our families that night, followed by a weekend at the hotel where ran into each other for the second time 3 years beforehand. The Huntington Gardens is now a very special place for us and we plan to return there every year on the anniversary of our engagement weekend.

Why Did You Chose The Stone House As Your Temecula Wedding Venue?

We chose The Stone House at Temecula Creek Inn because it is outdoors, rustic, beautiful, and has a backyard wedding vibe. We loved the layout and the feeling of the old antique Stone House. It had the right feel for a Springtime, outdoor, bohemian, rustic wedding. Our Temecula wedding was a Jewish wedding officiated by a Rabbi. We included rituals which are explained in the attached wedding pamphlet which we made for our guests

Wedding Details: TELL US ABOUT THEM!

Wearing my wedding dress which was my grandmother’s and my mother’s! Also the beautiful outdoor setting in Temecula, being surround by our dearest family and friends, the gorgeous flower arrangements, and some of the handmade decorations from my coworkers. We also had an awesome band called the Royal Jelly Jive! They are a jazzy band with brass instruments and a female vocalist. We had a first dance – it started with a slow song (called Build a Home by the Cinematic Orchestra) as this was the first song Evan ever shared with me (we looked back through our first messages and he had sent this to me the first week we started talking). Then it cut out to one of our favorites – Old Crow Medicine Show (another song we’ve always called “our song”) at which point we invited all of our guests to come join us on the dance floor.

What Was Your Favorite Moment From The Stone House Wedding?

Walking down the aisle for sure. It was a completely surreal moment. I remember trying to take everything in. As soon as I saw my grandparents stand and turn towards me, I totally lost it and started crying. It was like watching a movie of my life with all the important people there. And now I have a permanent picture of that moment in my mind!

Any Wedding Planning Challenges?

There were so many challenges when it came to our Temecula wedding planning! It’s hard as a couple to suddenly become event wedding planners together. It was also especially hard because Evan was working full time and in graduate school at night during the time we were planning, so having time to make decisions or talk about plans felt nearly impossible. We were challenged to improve and sharpen our communication skills, and we learned to work together as a team. I think the whole wedding planning process and engagement period is good practice for life as it involves a ton of communication, making sacrifices, compromising, and learning to be partners.

Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding

Advice From The Bride

Look out to the crowd of your loved ones during the ceremony and take a mental picture of everyone looking up at you and your partner. This is a memory that will stay with you if you take it in! Also don’t sweat the small stuff – not everything will be perfect, but don’t get too caught up in those details and don’t let it take away from the sacredness of the day.

Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding

Wedding Program Info

The Wedding Dress

Abbie (the bride) wore the dress that her grandmother Phyllis wore when she married Abbie’s grandfather Bill in 1951. Abbie’s mother Gretchen also wore this weddingdress when she married Abbie’s father Danny in 1982. It is a true antique heirloom gown and it has come through three generations of love. It was re-styled and updated for the wedding day. Hanging in the Stone House on the wedding night also was an oil painting of Abbie’s grandma Phyllis wearing the dress on her wedding day!

The Wedding Songs

Evan’s processional song was Ravel’s Bolero by Pink Martini. Abbie’s processional song was a traditional Hebrew song – Erev Shel Shoshanim – meaning, “Night of Roses”. It was sung on the wedding day by Abbie & her dear friend of many years, Talia Katzir. They recorded it at Abbie’s cousin Alex’s music studio for this special occasion!

Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Wedding Temecula Temecula Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding Traditions


The Ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract that outlines the reciprocal responsibilities and promises between husband and wife. Abbie & Evan signed their Ketubah earlier on the wedding day in a private ceremony attended by witnesses and family.


The chuppah is a canopy that symbolizes the home that Abbie & Evan will build together. The chuppah is open on all sides, also symbolizing that friends and family are always welcome in the newlyweds’ home.

Hakafot (Circling)

Jewish weddings traditionally begin with the bride circling the groom seven times. In ancient times, circling was known to be a means of protection, building an invisible wall around the groom and protecting him from evil spirits. Abbie and Evan have chosen to modernize the tradition by circling each other, as a statement of balance and reciprocal respect. By circling each other seven times, Abbie and Evan intertwine their lives and form a new family circle.


In Jewish tradition, wine sanctifies an event. The first Kiddush cup that Abbie & Evan used on the wedding day was given to them by Abbie’s parents, to be used for that special purpose. The second Kiddush cup is one that Evan received and used at his Bar Mitzvah.

Ring Ceremony

According to Jewish custom, the exchange of an item of value in front of family and friends is the act that seals the marriage contract. The ring is a complete circle representing the wholeness achieved by marriage, and the hopes of an unbroken bond of love between Abbie & Evan.

Seven Blessings

The seven blessings, recited over the bride and groom, are the heart of the Jewish marriage ceremony.


A tallit is a prayer shawl. Abbie & Evanused a tallit belonging to Evan’s father Robert. The tallit was wrapped around Abbie & Evan during the blessing of the newly married couple.

Breaking the Glass

The ceremony concluded with Evan stomping on a glass. The glass used on their wedding day was given to Abbie & Evan by Evan’s father Robert and his wife Miriam as an engagement gift to be used at their wedding. The breaking of the glass has many interpretations. One interpretation suggests that the glass is broken to symbolize the triumphs and tragedies of the Jewish people throughout history. Another suggests that it is broken in recognition of the fragility of life, even in the happiest of moments. Yet a third suggests an implied prayer: this marriage will last as long as the glass remains broken. After Evan broke the glass, the wedding guests yelled “Mazel Tov!” to the newly married couple as the celebration started!

Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding Jewish Temecula Wedding

Temecula Wedding Vendors:

  • Temecula Creek Inn (Venue & Catering)
  • Diana & Co. (Wedding Planner)
  • Soiree Design & Events (florals)
  • Madame Palooza (Rentals)
  • Sweet Creations by Judy (Candy Bar)
  • BoCakes Bakery (Wedding Cake)
  • Sage Justice (San Diego Wedding Photographer)
  • Wade Koch of Shark Pig (Videographer)
  • Royal Jelly Jive (Band)
  • L’ezu Bridal Atelier (Wedding Dress Restyling)

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