In three words; earthy, emotional and adventurous. My style speaks very much to who I am as a person. I love the excitement of exploring new places and finding myself in nature, I also cherish quiet, intimate moments, and I feel like my photography is a reflection of those two things. Clients have described my style as romantic, authentic, dramatic, timeless, and majestic AF… Not gonna lie, that last one pretty much nails it. Ha ha!
If you look through my camera roll on my phone you’ll see three things. First, I left culinary school to go to school for photography, but I still have a huge passion for cooking up some tasty food! Yes, I’m that person who Instagrams all my meals. I’m also super into urban gardening and grow almost all of my own produce right in my own backyard, basically I can whip up a mean salad, and yes, take a photo of that too. Second, you’ll see 871 (precisely counted of course) photos of my Husband, Keith’s face. It’s a good face, and I’m pretty head over heals for him. We’ve been together since we were 15, and after 13 years of togetherness we eloped in Yellowstone National Park, it was the greatest day ever! The rest of my camera roll is filled with photos of my awesome dog Tucker and all of the adventures we take him on. He road-trips, kayaks, hikes and backpacks with us, he’s definitely our furry child and the best dog ever!
I would describe my style as being “modern” – I shoot very photojournalistic and loosely pose my couples to where they’re comfortable, but I am very detail orientated. My post-processing is very timeless and includes lots of color & contrast, while also striving to not be cookie-cutter.
I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, I used to own a 100 lb tortoise, and I’m a huge fan of rap.